Is Coding Taught in Chinese?

Understanding the Language of Coding Education in China

If that is a big question, as well as how coding should be a basic skill for primary schools to universities in China's fast-evolving tech landscape. There are different languages used in the teaching of coding (English and Chinese would be the most common), depending on the educational levels, goals and contexts.

Should Primary and Secondary Education be Free?

China starts coding in primary and secondary schools, but its introduction is often in Chinese. This will enable younger students to absorb the basic principles of coding in a more organic way, placing it side-by-side with how they already process their native language. It taught programming, but using simple Chinese, so non-English-speaking students can understand the key concepts and logic behind programming.

Educational Qualifications and Specialisation

But in the higher education system or in specific coding bootcamps, it is English that reigns the world of coding education. A large part of the syntax used in most programming languages (Python, Java, C++, etc.) comes from English. Though instructional material and textbooks may be in Chinese, coding is usually done, and taught, in English.

Best Practices and Global Standards

It reflects the global norms of the technology industry that the higher educational levels and the corporate environment coding is predominantly in English. English is the worldwide language of technology that connects Chinese programmers with the global development flow — giving them the ability to stay up-to-date with the latest trends, collaborate with international developers, and access a vast pool of resources most of which are in English.

State Initiatives and Educational Reforms

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Competitive Coding and Open Source efforts

English, for example, is fundamental in both coding competitions and in any tech project which is being worked on together and usually internationally. These platforms enable Chinese learners to use their skills in an English medium, supporting business opportunities for both students and professionals alike.


So, in summary, Chinese coding education follows Chinese first from the beginning to build a foundation and is gradually replaced by English to dialect capitalism and professional specifier. This bilingual methodology prepares students, with a coding level that meets the needs of the tech companies in the entire world.

If you would like to learn more about how coding is taught in China and the language used, check out coding in chinese for further insights. Link: Get To Know More About Healing Mode( Educational Strategy) And Language Insulation – Part2 Of China Coding Curriculum From Here

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