How to Share Your Character Headcanons with a Community?

Sharing what you believe a character to be adds so much more; it boosts creativity, invests the fan more, creates fanon, and builds connections with fellow fans. However, if you are creating headcanons for a character who has mostly avoided having their backstory explained to them for an in-universe problem or just theorizing potential new adventures, it can all be as simple as planning to share those headcanons in all the right places to transform your personal hobby into something a hundred of thousands of fans can build together. And, this is how you share your headcanon with like-minded fans to incite a conversation and opportunity for collaboration.

Choose the Right Platform

When sharing your headcanons, the point of entry matter. Every social media site or online community has something unique to offer that can take your syndication ball game to the next level. Two of the most active and ongoing fan communities are on Tumblr and Reddit. They support much longer text posts, and threaded discussions, perfect for articulating detailed headcanons and having deeply geeky discussions.

Meanwhile, Twitter has its own benefits - it lacks in length but offers great reach for a get-the-word-out-quick viral share. While headcanons might not be best shared on the likes of Instagram, think of fan art about the franchises that represent your headcanons, and consider which types of fans you are trying to attract (visuals).

Engage with Visuals and Media

A ton of headcanons get across much more effectively when accompanied by visual content. Fan art, gifs, or even video content help illustrate your ideas. A drawing or commission that shows a particular scene in your story from your headcanon will not only make your post interesting but also it will help making your concept visible and relatable. Social media analytics data reveals that posts with images, or even better, videos, get as much as a 94% bump in views and interactions as compared to those without.

Compose Compelling and Clear Descriptions

But when sharing a headcanon, it needs to be clear and engaging. Begin with a punchy headline that explains your concept and flesh out the details in a brief paragraph. Make sure to tell how your headcanon fit into the overal story or develops the character. Quoting proof from the initial post can strengthen your hypothesis and lead others to agree and bring it up themselves.

Strategically Tag and Keyword Your Metadata

Use proper tags and/or keywords to ensure your headcanon gets seen by the right audience. Tumblr and Instagram can improve visibility by tagging, i.e. using tags like the character, series and 'headcanon' when posting (Photo: Chauncey Hollingsworth/Wikimedia) Technology can be inspiring, as well - tools like the character headcanon creator, which reviews the method of character headcanoning with technology to discover new character insights.

Interaction and Feedbackonomy

Leave your posts open ended with questions or a discussion prompt Bring your audience into a conversation with your call to question Discuss your headcanon with your audience; ask them if they agree and if not, if they have any different theories. Fostering an open dialogue fosters engagement and promotes a supportive and inclusive community environment where everyone feels seen and heard.

Respect Others’ Views

Of course, when posting about headcanons, just keep in mind that everyone sees and reads into characters differently. Healthy, vibrant community dialogue is ensured even when people disagree. Being open to other views will encourage you to think creatively and get out of your rigid thoughts.

character headcanons creator you share just as well! Selecting the best platforms, including multimedia, having a clear line of communication, tagging in a strategic way, encouraging interactions, one of the most important respects for other ideologies will swing you one of those unique insights to share with the fandom groups and become one of their faces.

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